Our History

 The Rodeo Shop began as the dream of two avid horse lovers, rodeo/race competitors Don and Joan Lutz but it would take alot of absolute determination and country grit to reach the local landmark status it is today.

Don and Joan were married on horse-back on a Sunday afternoon in 1950 at a local rodeo held at near by Lewisburg Ohio. They married with nothing and lived in a old house with no heat, though both being product of the Depression they were accustomed to lean and mean times.

Don got a job at Royal Crest Dairy in Dayton and Joan 'slung hash' at a Lewisburg restaurant and after many years of hard living and even harder saving they finally bought 19.5 acres along the historic U.S. Rt. 40 sometime in the early 60s.  They then decided they'd try to make their living from their farm. Inspired by Herman Spille's tack shop in Greenville Ohio they built a small 16-by-24 shack and with $400 dollars stocked it full of horse supplies and tack. Thus the Rodeo Shop was born.

They soon built an indoor arena the likes of which the Miami Valley had never seen and soon were hosting weekend competitions, gala dances and giving weekly riding lessons. Don began selling trailers on the side and the Rodeo Shop itself grew to eventually stock clothing becoming the Western Wear and Trailer Sales. Trailer sales eventually moving out to a new large garage in the year 2000 and is now a one-stop-shop for everything trailer. 

Joan passed in late 2002 and Don followed later in 2017. The Rodeo Shop is now run by their descendants and still is proud to be a staple of spectacular customer-relations and quality service along Rt. 40.

 Things are never quiet at the Rodeo Shop and have no inclination to ever be, so stay tuned as we look forward to great events in the future.


Wedding On Horse-Back

Don and Joan married on horseback on Sunday, September 3, 1950 at a rodeo in Lewisburg, Preble County Ohio


Mean and Lean Beginnings

The original property, the old barn dates back prior to the Civil War.


The Rodeo Shop

The  Rodeo Shop in the late 70s.


Trailer Sales

The new garage for the Trailer Sales, made out of the indoor arena in 2000.


Modern Day Western Wear.

The current Western Wear Store